Eddystone Fire Company No. 1

Busy Day For Company 12

Thursday, October 13, 2016   At 1104hrs 12 October 2016 company dispatched to Industrial Hwy & Saville Avenue for an accident with entrapment.12-1 and 12-7 made the response and confirmed entrapment on arrival. Incident command established under 12-9A.
Rescue 48 (Tinicum Twp) dispatched and responded along with medic 102A.

Victim extracted from vehicle and transported to CCMC in stable condition. Hwy cleaned up, units cleared incident.

Good work to Fire, EMS, Police, & Dispatch personnel.

At 13:53hrs company 12 was dispatched to 1000 4th ST Boeing Union Hall for a Fire Alarm. Company 12 was quickly recalled, the alarm was tripped by contractors working in the building. 

At 15:15hrs Company 12 was dispatched to 1500 chester Pike Matrix Services for a Fire Alarm.12-1 hit the street quickly with 12-2 responding shortly after. Upon investigation the alarm was tripped by contractors working in the building .



Company 51 Housing

Saturday, October 8, 2016   This morning engine 12-1 with a crew of 4 made their way up to South Media for their housing for their brand new 4 Guy/Spartan engine. The crew had a good time and we would like to thank the South Media Fire Company for the invite.




Thursday, October 6, 2016   Tonight the members of company 12 and 67 drilled together. Crews went over engine company ops, standpipe ops using the boom on squirt 67, and crews did rounds of search and rescue.



First Due Building Fire

Thursday, September 29, 2016   At 16:35 hours the tones dropped for a building fire at  1300 E 12th ST Eddystone Borough Hall. 12-1 with 6 hit the street right after dispatch, 12-1 quickly arrived to find nothing showing. The police were already on location and advised the crew from 12-1 that they had a strong odor in the engine bay of the old fire house. Crews began to search to find the source of the odor, the odor was found to be coming from the old radio room. The assignment was held to 12, engine 62, and ladder 48 shortly after due to there being no smoke or fire. Companies were on location a little over a half an hour before going available.



Penn Terminals Drill

Thursday, September 29, 2016  Today on this windy and rainy  day company 12 along with Rescue 48 went down to Penn Terminals to do a ship container dill. Crews simulated a 500 gallon gasoline spill and went over the tasks/ operations needed to be done to handle the situation. Crews drilled for about an hour until heading home.




Saturday, September 24, 2016   The officers and members of the Eddystone Fire Company (Station 12) Delaware County would like to extend our sincere condolences to the families of Lieutenant Christopher Leach, 41, and Firefighter Jerry Fickes, 51 of the Wilmington Fire Department. 

Lieutenant Christopher Leach, and Firefighter Jerry Fickes have fallen in the line of duty today Saturday 24 September 2016 while battling a house fire in the City of Wilmington Delaware.  
They gave the ultimate sacrifice for thier community, and shall not be forgotten.

We ask that God grant comfort and healing to Lt. Leach and F/F Fickes family, and the men and woman of the Wilmington Fire Department.  

May they be at rest in God's hands, maning the line in Heaven's Brigade.  May they lay a protecting hand down upon their brother's and sister's as they carry on thier duty to the City of Wilmington. 

Rest Easy Brothers, we'll take the watch from here.

Deepest Regrets, 

William D. DiMatteo 
Eddystone Fire Company #1



Dogs For A cause Softball Tournament

Saturday, September 17, 2016   Today on this beautiful Saturday 12-1 with a crew of 3 headed up to the field to show support to the fire company softball team as they competed in the 5th annual Dogs For A Cause softball tournament. The event was filled with a lot of fun activities such as a moon bounce for the kids, fire truck tours, a k-9 demonstration by the Chester police department, and the softball tournament. BBQ food and drinks were also provided as well. In all it was a great time, every one enjoyed the weather, food, and event. We would like to thank the ST. James Alumni Associate for the invite and look forward to next years tournament. 



48 BOX

Wednesday, September 14, 2016   On Wednesday 14 Sept 2016 @ 2103hrs company dispatched to #1 Hog Island Road Tinicum Twp. for commercial building fire.

48-9 (Chief - Tinicum Twp Fire Company) on location reporting small wood/cardboard fire up against structure on the outside.  
12-1 responded and placed under command of 48-9 on thier arrival.
Interior checked for extension, fire out.  Units cleared.

Good job to units and 48 Command.

Also on assignment 07 (Ridley Park) 08 (Prospect Park) 43 (Holmes) 02 (Norwood EMS Unit) Medic 100D.



9/11 never forget

Sunday, September 11, 2016   Never Forgotton

Firefighter Joseph Agnello  Engine 118 
Lieutenant Brian Ahearn Engine 230
Firefighter Eric Allen g Yv Squad 18 
Firefighter Richard Allen Ladder 15 
Captain James Amato Squad 1
Firefighter Calixto Anaya Jr. Engine 4     
Firefighter Joseph Angelini Rescue 1    
Firefighter Joseph Angelini Jr. Ladder 4     
Firefighter Faustino Jr. Battalion 9  
Firefighter David Arce Engine 33
Firefighter Louis Arena Ladder 5
Firefighter Carl Asaro Battalion 9
Lieutenant Gregg Atlas Engine 10
Firefighter Gerald Atwood Ladder 21
Firefighter Gerald Baptiste Ladder 9
Assistant Chief Gerard Barbara
Firefighter Matthew Barnes Ladder 25
Firefighter Arthur Barry Ladder 15
Lieutenant Steven Bates Engine 235
Lieutenant Carl Bedigian Engine 214
Firefighter Stephen Belson Ladder 24
Firefighter John Bergin Rescue 5
Firefighter Paul Beyer Engine 6
Firefighter Peter Bielfeld Ladder 42
Firefighter Brian Bilcher Squad 1
Firefighter Carl Bini Rescue 5
Firefighter Christopher Blackwell Rescue 3
Firefighter Michael Bocchino Battalion 48
Firefighter Frank Bonomo Engine 230
Firefighter Gary Box Squad 1
Firefighter Michael Boyle Engine 33
Firefighter Kevin Bracken Engine 40
Firefighter Michael Brennan Ladder 4
Firefighter Peter Brennan Rescue 4
Captain Daniel Brethel Ladder 24
Captain Patrick Brown Ladder 3
Firefighter Andrew Brunn Ladder 5
Captain Vincent Brunton Ladder 105
Fire Marshal Ronald Bucca
Firefighter Greg Buck Engine 201
Captain William Burke Jr. Engine 21
Assistant Chief Donald Burns
Firefighter John Burnside Ladder 20
Firefighter Thomas Butler Squad 1
Firefighter Patrick Byrne Ladder 101
FF Firefighter George Cain Ladder 7
Firefighter Salvatore Calabro Ladder 101
Captain. Frank Callahan Ladder 35
Firefighter Michael Cammarata Ladder 11
Firefighter Brian Cannizzaro Ladder 101
Firefighter Dennis Carey Haz-mat Co. 1
Firefighter Michael Carlo Engine 230
Firefighter Michael Carroll Ladder 3
Firefighter Peter Carroll Squad 1
Firefighter Thomas Casoria Engine 22
Firefighter Michael Cawley Ladder 136
Firefighter Vernon Cherry Ladder 118
Firefighter Nicholas Chiofalo Engine 235
Firefighter John Chipura Engine 219
Firefighter Michael Clarke Ladder 2
Firefighter Steven Coakley Engine 217
Firefighter Tarel Coleman Squad 252
Firefighter John Collins Ladder 25
Firefighter Robert Cordice Squad 1
Firefighter Ruben Correa Engine 74
Firefighter James Coyle Ladder 3
Firefighter Robert Crawford Safety Battalion 1
Lieutenant John Crisci Haz-Mat Co. 1
Battalion Chief Dennis Cross Battalion 57
Firefighter Thomas Cullen III Squad 41
Firefighter Robert Curatolo Ladder 16
Lieutenant Edward Datri Squad 
Firefighter Michael D'Auria Engine 40
Firefighter Scott Davidson Ladder 118
Firefighter Edward Day Ladder 11
Battalion Chief Thomas DeAngelis Battalion 8
Firefighter Manuel Delvalle Engine 5
Firefighter Martin DeMeo Haz-Mat Co. 1 
Firefighter David DeRubbio Engine 226
Lieutenant Andrew Desperito Engine 1
Battalion Chief Dennis Devlin Battalion 9
Firefighter Gerard Dewan Ladder 3
Firefighter George DiPasquale Ladder 2
Lieutenant Kevin Donnelly Ladder 3
Lieutenant Kevin Dowdell Rescue 4
Battalion Chief Raymond Downey Special Operations
Firefighter Gerard Duffy Ladder 21
Captain Martin Egan, Jr. Division 15
Firefighter Michael Elferis Engine 22
Firefighter Francis Esposito Engine 235
Lieutenant Michael Esposito Squad 1
Firefighter Robert Evans Engine 33
Battalion Chief John Fanning Haz-Mat Operations
Captain Thomas Farino Engine 26
Firefighter Terrence Farrell Rescue 4
Deputy Commissioner Chief. William Feehan
Firefighter Lee Fehling Engine 235
Firefighter Alan Feinberg Battalion 9
Firefighter Michael Fiore Rescue 5
Captain John Fischer Ladder
Firefighter Andre Fletcher Rescue 5
Firefighter John Florio Engine 214
Lieutenant Michael Fodor Dquad 1
Firefighter Thomas Foley Rescue 3
Firefighter David Fontana Squad 1
Firefighter Robert Foti Ladder 7
Firefighter Andrew Fredericks Sqaud 18
Lieutenant Peter Freund Engine 55
Firefighter Thomas Gambino Jr. Rescue 3
Chief of Dept. Peter Ganci Jr.
Lieutenant Charles Garbarini Battalion 9 
Firefighter Thomas Gardner Haz-Mat Co. 1
Firefighter Matthew Garvey Squad 1
Firefighter Bruce Gary Engine 40
Firefighter Gary Geidel Rescue 1
Battalion Chief Edward Geraghty Battalion 9
Firefighter Dennis Germain Ladder 2
Lieutenant Vincent Giammona Ladder 5
Firefighter James Giberson Ladder 35
Firefighter Ronnie Gies Squad 288
Firefighter Paul Gill Engine 54
Lieutenant John Ginley Engine 40
Firefighter Jeffrey Giordano Ladder 3
Firefighter John Giordano Engine 37
Firefighter Keith Glascoe Ladder 21
Firefighter James Gray Ladder 20
Battalion Chief Joseph Grzelak Battalion 48
Firefighter Jose Guadalupe Engine 54
Lieutenant Geoffrey Guja Battalion 43 
Lieutenant Joseph Gullickson Ladder 101
Firefighter David Halderman Squad 18
Lieutenant Vincent Halloran Ladder 8
Firefighter Robert Hamilton Squad 41
Firefighter Sean Hanley Ladder 20
Firefighter Thomas Hannafin Ladder 5
Firefighter Dana Hannon Engine 26
Firefighter Daniel Harlin Ladder 2
Lieutenant Harvey Harrell Rescue 5
Lieutenant Stephen Harrell Battalion 7
Battalion Chief Thomas Haskell, Jr. Division 15 
Firefighter Timothy Haskell Squad 18
Captain Terence Hatton Rescue 1
Firefighter Michael Haub Ladder 4
Firefighter Philp Hayes Retired- Engine 217
Lieutenant Michael Healey Squad 41
Firefighter John Hefferman Ladder 11
Firefighter Ronnie Henderson Engine 279
Firefighter Joseph Henry Ladder 21
Firefighter William Henry Rescue 1
Firefighter Thomas Hetzel Ladder 13
Captain Brian Hickey Rescue 4
Lieutenant Timothy Higgins Special Operations
Firefighter Jonathan Hohmann Haz-Mat Co. 1
Firefighter Thomas Holohan Engine 6
Firefighter Joseph Hunter Squad 288
Captain Walter Hynes Ladder 13
FF Jonathan Ielpi Squad 288
Captain Frederick Ill Jr. Ladder 2
Firefighter William Johnston Engine 6
Firefighter Andrew Jordan ladder 132
Firefighter Karl Joseph Engine 207
Lieutenant Anthony Jovic Battalion 47
Firefighter Angel Juarbe Jr. Ladder 12
Chaplain Mychal Judge
Firefighter Vincent Kane Engine 22
Battalion Chief Charles Kasper SOC Battalion
Firefighter Paul Keating Ladder 5
Firefighter Richard Kelly Jr. Ladder 11
Firefighter Thomas Kelly Ladder 15
Firefighter Thomas Kelly Ladder 105
Firefighter Thomas Kennedy Ladder 101
Lieutenant Ronald Kerwin Squad 288 
Firefighter Michael Kiefer Ladder 132
Firefighter Robert King Jr. Engine 33
Firefighter Scott Kopytko Ladder 15
Firefighter William Krukowski Ladder 21
Firefighter Kenneth Kumpel Ladder 25
Firefighter Thomas Kuveikis Squad 252
Firefighter David LaForge Ladder 20
Firefighter William Lake Rescue 2
Firefighter Robert Lane Engine 55
Firefighter Peter Langone Squad 252
Firefighter Scott Larsen Ladder 15
Lieutenant Joseph Leavey Ladder 15 
Firefighter Neil Leavy Engine 217
Firefighter Daniel Libretti Rescue 2
Paramedic Carlos Lillo Battalion 49
Firefighter Robert Linnane ladder 20
Firefighter Michael Lynch Engine 40
Firefighter Michael Lynch Ladder 4
Firefighter Michael Lyons Squad 41
Firefighter Patrick Lyons Squad 252
Firefighter Joseph Maffeo Ladder 101
Firefighter William Mahoney Rescue 4
Firefighter Joseph Maloney Ladder 3
Battalion Chief Joseph Marchbanks Jr. Battalion 57
Lieutenant Charles Margiotta Battalion 22
Firefighter Kenneth Marino Rescue 1
Firefighter John Marshall Ladder 27
Lieutenant Peter Martin Rescue 2
Lieutenant Paul Martini Engine 201
Firefighter Joseph Mascali Tactical Support 2
Firefighter Keithroy Maynard Engine 33
Firefighter Brian McAleese Engine 226
Firefighter John McAvoy Ladder 3
Firefighter Thomas McCann Battalion 8
Lieutenant William McGinn Squad 18
Battalion Chief William McGovern Battalion 2
Firefighter Dennis McHugh Ladder 13
Firefighter Robert McMahon Ladder 20
Firefighter Robert McPadden Engine 23
Firefighter Terence McShane Ladder 101
Firefighter Timothy McSweeney Ladder 3
Firefighter Martin McWilliams Engine 22
Firefighter Raymond Meisenheimer Rescue 3
Firefighter Charles Mendez Ladder 7
Firefighter Steve Mercado Engine 40
Firefighter Douglas Miller Rescue 5
Firefighter Henry Miller Jr. Ladder 105
Firefighter Robert Minara Ladder 25
Firefighter Thomas Mingione Ladder 132
Lieutenant Paul Mitchell Battalion 1
Captain Louis Modafferi Rescue 5
Lieutenant Dennis Mojica Rescue 1
Firefighter Manuel Mojica Squad 18
Firefighter Carl Molinaro Ladder 2
Firefighter Michael Montesi Rescue 1
Captain Thomas Moody Division 1
Battalion Chief John Moran Battalion 49
Firefighter Vincent Morello Ladder 35
Firefighter Christopher Mozzillo Engine 55
Firefighter Richard Muldowney Jr. Ladder 7
Firefighter Michael Mullan Ladder 12
Firefighter Dennis Mulligan Ladder 2
Lieutenant Raymond Murphy Ladder 16
Lieutenant Robert Nagel Engine 58
Firefighter John Napo... [ more ]



Death of a fire police member

Saturday, September 10, 2016   On behalf of the officers and members of the Eddystone Fire Company, It is with the deepest regret we announce the sudden passing of our member William Chalker on Wednesday 07 September 2016.

For many years William was an active part of our Fire Police division.  Throughout the years he served the company and communities with integrity, and a high standard of professionalism.

He was kind, generous, and a vital part of our Fire Police personnel but most importantly he was a friend, a part of our family.

We express our sincere, heart felt condolences to his family in this time of loss.  He will be missed but never forgotton.

In his next Journey to eternal life may he continue to watch over all of us.  And lay his protecting hand upon us as we continue on in service.

With Deepest Regrets,

William D. DiMatteo
Eddystone Fire Company



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