Eddystone Fire Company No. 1

Assist New Castle Del With Ventilation

Friday, February 17, 2017  At 1619hrs 16 February 2017 the company was dispatched to 4737 Concord Pike Wilmington, DE (Concord Mall) @ Macy's department store (580) for ventilation assistance.

12-8 w/ a crew of 3 responded with the Hovercraft. 

On arrival Concord Mall command directed our unit to back up to the large entry doors at the front of the department store.
Hovercraft placed in position and ventilation operations commenced. 

Ventilation completed, unit cleared.



Working Fire Dispatch

Thursday, February 16, 2017  At 0924hrs Thursday 16 February 2017 company dispatched to 1001 Industrial Hwy (Barry Callebaut chocolate processing facility) for a general alarm Building A.

E12-1 with a crew 4 under the command of 12-9A (Reeves III) responded.  
On location E12-1 reported smoke showing, incident upgraded from a general alarm to a confirmed structure fire. Companies were dispatched for the upgraded alarm.

E12-1 established a water supply and went in service. Fire was located in a large roasting machine extending into the stack to the roof.  
3 Hand lines deployed and placed in service, K12 saws and forcible entry tools used to gain access to the interior of the machine to extinguish the fire. Crews from responding companies rotated in and out of building with manpower pool established at E12-1

Crews from Co. 48 / 67 (Tinicum Twp / Woodlyn) sent to the roof to hit hot spots on the roof and contain fire to the stack.

12-9A had covers put in place to respond to any additional incidents in town. Engine from Co. 20 (Garrettford-Drexel Hill) made the cover response. 

Fire was placed under control at the 40mm mark into the incident. Overhaul conducted, and crews secured from the scene.

Thank you to all responding mutual aid companies. Everyone did an excellent job working together and executing a successful outcome with no injuries to personnel or civilians.

Responding mutual aid companies
Co. 48 (Tinicum Twp)
Co. 07 (Ridley Park)
Co. 08 (Prospect Park)
Co. 62 (SM Vauclain)
Co. 67 (Woodlyn)
Medic 102A
Co. 20 (Garrettford-Drexel Hill) Cover Company



1st Due Box

Monday, February 6, 2017  At 1406hrs Monday 06 February 2017 company dispatched to 1 Saville Avenue (Penn Terminals Marine Shipping/Receiving docks) warehouse 1 for smoke in the building.

E12-1 under command of 12-9 (Walsh) made the response. While in route fireboard notified a chemical fire w/injury.
On arrivel warehouse had a moderate smoke condition inside. Cause of the fire was inadvertent mixing of two chemical agents. Fire was extinguished by the warehouse sprinkler system. 
Ladder 48 (Tinicum Twp) assisted at the scene while other responding apparatus staged at 2nd and Saville Avenue.  
1 Pt suffered chemical burns from the incident. Pt was treated on scene and transported to hosp. by 67-7/M102 for further treatment.

Crews from E12-1 and Ladder 48 secured the incident, additional companies were made available.

Incident brought under control, units cleared.

Responding Companies 
48 (Tinicum Twp)
07 (Ridley Park)
08 (Prospect Park)
67 (Woodlyn)
62 (SM Vauclain)
102 & 100 (CCMC Medics)



2nd Alarm Assist. Chester City

Saturday, February 4, 2017  At 1739hrs 03 February 2017 company dispatched to 614 W. 11th St (City of Chester) for a working building fire. 

12-1 with a crew of 5 under the command of 12-9A (Reeves III) made the response.  
On arrival crew reported to the manpower staging area. 
Chester Command requested our engine and manpower to divert from the scene to Chester Station 82 to provide cover to the City of Chester.

Engine 12-1 along with Co. 57 (Upland) provided cover from Station 82. Released after approx 2hrs.



MVA with Injuries

Saturday, February 4, 2017  At 1647hrs 04 February 2017 EMS dispatched to 1428 E 13th St for a cardiac emergency.  
While responding Fireboard notified the call changed to an MVA into a tree at 13th and Simpson St, fire company being dispatched.

E12-1 responded with a crew of 4 under command of 12-9A (Reeves III). On arrivel single car crash into a tree with (-) entrapment. 

Driver of vehicle suffered a diabetic emergency causing the crash. PT was transported to hosp by 12-7/M102 for treatment.

Tow trucked called and responded to remove vehicle. Company cleared.



Eddystone Fire Co. # 1 2017 Leadership

Executive Branch

President – William DiMatteo
Vice President – Eric Groy
Treasurer – Paul F. Sides 3rd
Secretary – Allen Reeves Jr.

Board of Directors

Dallas Walters – Chairman
Thomas Fuller
Kevin Quinn
Benjamin MacCumbee
John Martin Jr.

Operations Branch

Chief – Andrew Walsh
1st Assist. Chief – Allen Reeves 3rd
2nd Assist. Chief – Raymond Weed
Captain – Jeffery Pennell Sr.
Lieutenant – Justin Gross
EMS - Allen Reeves 3rd / Dallas Walters
Safety Officer – Dallas Walters
Engineer – Benjamin MacCumbee
Engineer – Thomas Fuller 

Good luck to all the men and woman of the Eddystone Fire Co. May we be blessed with swift response, and safe operations for our members and community with as little injury or property loss as possible.



Starting the New Year with "WORK"

Monday, January 2, 2017 00:56 At 0056hrs Monday 02 January 2017 company dispatched to 701 14th Avenue Prospect Park, Pa for a working structure fire.
Engine 12-1 with a crew of 6 made the response. 

On arrival 3 story single residential structure with heavy fire on 1st and 2nd floors.
Our crews under command of 12-9A (Reeves III) reported to incident command officer 08-9A (Prospect Park).  
Crews were put in service with 2.5in attack line to conduct interior fire suppression initially on 1st floor moving thru to the 2nd and 3rd floors.
Fire was placed under control approx 0200hrs with extensive overhaul.
Overhaul conducted and company released from incident at apprx 0400hrs.

Co. 66 (Bethel Twp Hose Co. #1) was dispatched and responded to Station 12 to provide cover to our community while company was in service. They also assisted in getting our equipment & engine back in service. Thank you Bethel Fire Co. for the assist.

Phenomenal job by incident command and all responding companies on outstanding work.
08 (Prospect Park Fire Co)
07 (Ridley Park Fire Co)
48 (Tinicum Twp Fire Co)
02 (Norwood Fire Co)
43 (Holmes Fire Co)
09 (Sharon Hill Fire Co)
49 (Milmont Park Fire Co)
70 (Leedom Fire Co)
34 (Llanerch Fire Co)
52 (Brookhaven Fire Co)
102A (Medic CCMC)

No injuries to civilian or fire personnel during the incident.

Photos By: Frank Wesnoski



Accident With Injuries

Monday, December 12, 2016  Today at 13:10 hours company 12 was dispatched to 291 and Saville for an accident with injuries. As units arrived they found a 2 vehicle car accident with one injury. 12-7 made the transport and 12-2's crew cleaned up debris in the road way.   



Santa Comes To Town

Saturday, December 10, 2016   This morning Santa and Mrs. Claus made their way around town to say hello to all of the kids. Then they made a appearance at Light House Hall to hand out toys and take pictures with the kids. The kids enjoyed their visit today and had a great time.  



Pearl Harbor

Wednesday, December 7, 2016   To the men and women who served during WWII in the Pacific, Europe, Africa, Asia theaters of war, and at home. We thank you for your service and sacrifices to our nation in the preservation of our way of life. You are truly our Greatest Generation.



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